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  • Aisha Blake

    Web Developer at Detroit Labs

    Aisha Blake arrived in Detroit in 2013 to serve as a Jesuit Volunteer and ended up on the leadership team for Girl Develop It Detroit. This inevitably led to a deep love of the tech community in Detroit and a desire to put down roots. She has since become the owner of a cat and a house. Aisha has taught web development to people of all ages in bootcamps, workshops, and online courses. She currently works as a developer for Detroit Labs. She is down for anything as long as there are puppies and/or karaoke involved.

  • Al Kraus

    Agile Coach @ VGT Inc

    ICAgile Certified Professional - ICP, ICAgile Certified Professional - Agile Coaching
    Certified Scrum Master (CSM), Certified Scrum Product Owner (CSPO),
    Certified Scrum Professional (CSP)
    Certified Scrum@Scale Practitioner

    Innovative and energetic Agile Coach with extensive agile, scrum, leadership, and mentoring experience. Skilled at coaching multiple teams on diverse projects to meet high release volumes. Keeps team members focused by managing process and development work flow. Coaches ScrumMasters and company Executives on continuous improvement and agile implementation.

  • Andrew Malek

    Senior UI Developer / Designer

    Andrew is a UI developer and designer at NCR, focusing on POS (point-of-sale) solutions. He has two decades of development experience in languages such as JavaScript, Visual Basic, Python, and C, and will admit to having developed a content management solution with Delphi and Perl if backed into a corner.

  • Angela Henry

    Data Platform MVP

    Angela is a DBA/BI Developer, living in High Point, NC and loves what she does. She's worked with all versions of SQL Server & worn all the hats that come with dealing with SQL Server throughout the years: developer, administrator, data architect and BI developer. She earned her MSCE: Business Intelligence in 2015 and has been awarded Microsoft MVP - Data Platform. She volunteers with PASS in various capacities, ranging from Program Committee to cleanup at local SQL Saturday events. She is also the chapter leader for the PASS Triad SQL User Group in Greensboro, NC. In her spare time you can probably find her in or at the pool, she's an avid US Masters Swimmer, Coach and Instructor.

  • Arthur Doler

    Senior Software Developer at Aviture

    Arthur (or Art, take your pick) has been a software engineer for 13 years and has worked on things as exciting as analysis software for casinos and things as boring as banking websites. He is an advocate for talking openly about mental health and psychology in the technical world, and he spends a lot of time thinking about how we program and why we program, and about the tools, structures, cultures, and mental processes that help and hinder us from our ultimate goal of writing amazing things. His hair is brown and his thorax is a shiny blue color.

  • Ben Ilegbodu

    Principal Frontend Engineer, Eventbrite

    Ben is a Christian, a husband and a father of 2, with a dozen years of experience developing user interfaces for the Web. He currently is a Principal Frontend Engineer at Eventbrite with the Frontend Platform team, focused on improving the frontend infrastructure and design system. On the side, Ben also enjoys playing basketball, DIY, watching movies, and blogging (benmvp.com) / tweeting (@benmvp) about his experiences with new web technologies.

  • BJ Burns

    Gandalf the Graying of Complete Developer Podcast

    BJ Burns is a Full Stack .Net Developer, Certified SCRUM Developer, Certified SCRUM Master, Meetup Organizer, and 1/2 of the Complete Developer Podcast. BJ first became interested in computers in fourth grade using DOS prompt to play Oregon Trail in the computer lab at his elementary school. He began programming in high school when he took a class on QBasic. For him coding was a hobby, something he did for fun until a few years ago when he left medicine and decided to pursue a career as a developer.

  • Bryan Nehl

    Software Developer

    Bryan has enjoyed creating software ever since his first Commodore 64. Since then he has had opportunities to work in both the network and software sides of IT. He has been a developer, a leader and manager in University, Government and private sector positions. Along the way Bryan figured out that he is very interested in the software development process. Especially, agile practices for the team and individual. Bryan's current development interests are more focused in the areas of Data Science and full-stack development. Away from the computer Bryan enjoys cycling, amateur radio and quilting.

  • Cass Van Gelder

    Scrum Master, CSM, CSPO, CSP-SM, CSP-PO and other awesome alphabet combinations

    Theatre is where I started, learning a myriad of theatrical and improv games. I use them now to get my teams to the next level and discover what’s holding them back – individually and as a team. For instance, I created a series called “Presenting When You’d Rather Do Laundry” to help our shy developers present innovative ideas to senior management.

    My favorite so far was also my most recent at Agile2017: "Drama Geek: How Pretend Ice Cream Made Me a Better ScrumMaster."

    I’ve been performing since I was five, as a stage and radio performer, writer, and director. I've trained in New York at Hunter College, taking Master Classes from Ruby Dee; worked and trained at Second City in Las Vegas, studying with Jason Sudeikis ("SNL," "Horrible Bosses,") Kay Cannon (screenwriter, "Pitch Perfect" series, "New Girl",) and Joe Kelly (writer, "SNL," executive story editor, "How I Met Your Mother."); appeared in large productions in New York, San Francisco, and Las Vegas, including the North American premiere of "Jerry Springer: The Opera" at the MGM Grand.

    I, also, tend to be funny. Usually.

  • Cassandra Faris

    Director of Talent Management

    Cassandra Faris is the Director of Talent Management at Improving Columbus, a software development consulting and training company. She is passionate about growing the tech community and its people, regularly attending, speaking at, and helping organize conferences and events. She is President of the Microsoft-focused Dog Food Conference and a Per Scholas Advisory Board member. She has an MBA in Organizational Leadership, and is an avid tabletop gamer, runner, and soccer fan who travels as much as possible.

  • Chad Beier

    Organizational Agility Advisor

    I work with all levels of the organization to optimize your business to respond to change. I am passionate about moving organizations and people closer to agility.

    My first experience with "agile", Scrum specifically, was in 2005. I was part of a global transformation team responsible for software customizations driven by a global consolidation of accounting software. We ran into typical implementation challenges and organizational impediments.

    Around 2012 I attended an event at which Ken Schwaber spoke that reignited my passion for lean, agile, and continuous improvement. I left my traditional business analyst and project manager roles behind and evolved into an internal change agent kickstarting an agile transformation. I soon realized by stepping into a consulting role I could make a bigger impact across many organizations as an external change agent.

  • Chad Green

    Data & Solution Architect at ProgressiveHealth

    Chad Green is a manager, software developer, architect, community leader, and most importantly a father and husband. Chad works as the Data & Solution Architect for ProgressiveHealth where he manages the application development team which is responsible for crafting software solutions for the various company affiliates located across the country, which provides health and wellness solutions in the healthcare and industrial service settings. Over the years, Chad has managed groups from 5 to 63 people and worked on projects in a wide range of markets including healthcare, military, government, workforce management, financial services, chemical research, and electronic commerce.

    One of the ways Chad has kept up with technology and development practices is by attending user groups and software development events throughout the country. Being a big believer in giving back and wanting to ensure that there are cool events for other software development professionals, Chad founded and chairs the annual Code PaLOUsa conference, organizes the Louisville .NET Meetup user group and the Monthly Tech Leader Coffee and Discussion, and has helped with other groups like the Louisville Tech Ladies and events like Cincy Day of Agile. Chad also speaks at user groups and conferences about .NET development, VSTS, and leadership.

  • Charles Husemann

    Scrum Master/Agile Coach

    Principal consultant at Cardinal Solutions.

  • Chase Aucoin

    Larger Than Life

    I have officially been in the information technology business for about ten years, but I am going on 25 years of in-depth research into all things programming, math, and technology. I have had the absolute pleasure of working alongside fellow industry experts, developers, scientists, statisticians, and executives across nearly every field, including, Agriculture, Medicine, Finance, Manufacturing, Logistics, Energy, Software as Product, Consulting, and so many more!

    Every day I do my best to mentor those around me, provide training, build specialized skills faster, and lead with kindness, patience, and a servant mentality. I have been able to provide my input and expertise to define cutting-edge solutions for the companies I consult with and help them achieve defined business goals. Now I'm using that skill set to bring patterns, practices, and strategies to developers as a Technical Evangelist with AppDynamics, a leader in the application performance industry.

  • Chris DeMars

    Senior UI Developer

    Chris DeMars is a UI developer first, UX architect always, working out of Detroit, Michigan. Chris is also an instructor, teacher assistant, and volunteer for the Ann Arbor chapter of Girl Develop It and co-organizer for the Ann Arbor Accessibiity Group. Chris loves coming up with solutions for enterprise applications, which include modular CSS architectures, performance, and advocating for web accessibility. When he is not working on making the web great and inclusive you can find him writing blog posts, watching horror movies, drinking the finest of beers, or in the woods of northern Michigan.

  • Chris Gardner


    Chris Gardner is the Chairman of the DevSpace Technical Conference, a Microsoft MVP, and a regular coder. Tortured by years of contracts that valued buzzwords over results, Chris has developed a true passion for finding solutions that fit the problem, not the technology of the week. Chris received his M.S in Computer Science, B.S. in Mathematics, and B.A. in Philosophy from the University of Alabama in Huntsville and is currently a Microsoft Certified Solutions Developer, Professional Developer, Information Technology Professional and Trainer.

  • Chris Lorenzo

    Distinguished Engineer

    Chris has worked at Comcast since 2007 -- currently as a Distinguished Engineer. He enjoys building/motivating teams and ramping up new projects using the latest patterns and web primitives. Besides coding in Javascript, he loves spending time with his family and helping out in the community.

  • David Neal

    Ambassador of Awesome

    David is a family man, musician, motorcyclist, and Microsoft MVP living in North Georgia, USA. He runs on a high-octane mixture of caffeine and bacon.

  • Douglas Starnes

    Machine Learning, Mobile Apps and AR Developer

    Douglas Starnes is a polyglot ninja and tech community influencer in the Memphis area making stuff that works on more than just the web. He specializes in the fields of mobile, IoT, data science and machine learning. Douglas is a co-director of the Memphis Python User Group and a board member of the Memphis .NET User Group. He is a frequent conference speaker who has delivered more than 30 featured presentations at more than 20 conferences over the past 7 years in a variety of citiies across the southeast United States. In addition, Douglas is an active participant in local user groups. He has also served as an organizer for PyTennessee, PyOhio and TechCampMemphis. Outside of being a geek Douglas is a trained composer, aspiring triathlete and avid Lego collector.

  • Duane Newman

    Microsoft MVP

    Duane is Co-Founder of Alien Arc Technologies, LLC where he focuses on creating apps targeting mobile devices, modern desktops, and the Internet of Things. As a Microsoft MVP and technology enthusiast with a passion for good software he strives to bring solutions that improve or eliminate costly duplication and repetitive processes so more important things can be done. He enjoys teaching others and speaking at conferences on topics ranging from DevOps to Xamarin. When not behind a computer screen he can be found sharing his love of SCUBA and all things underwater with new divers at the pool or through his underwater videos and photos at DLDAdventures.com.

  • Dustin Ewers

    Consultant at Centare

    Dustin Ewers is a consultant at Centare, where he works to help businesses build better software. Dustin has been building software for over 10 years, specializing in Microsoft technologies. He is an active member of the technical community, speaking at user groups and conferences in and around the Midwest USA.

    While not building the software of the future, Dustin likes a mix of low tech and high tech hobbies, including reading, cooking, hiking, and fishing.

    He writes about technology at https://www.dustinewers.com/.

    Follow him on Twitter at @DustinJEwers

  • Eric Cobb

    Data Platform MCSE; Certified Microsoft SQL Server Database Administrator; Frequent speaker at Developer and Database conferences throughout the country;

    After a 14 year programming career as a web and software developer Eric was thrown into the world of databases as an "Accidental DBA". Eric now holds 2 SQL Server MCSE certifications, and works as a Sr. level Database Administrator at a Fortune 500 organization based in Nashville, TN. Eric regularly presents and blogs about SQL Sever, with a focus on teaching database administration and design concepts to the developer community.

  • Eric Potter

    Software Architect

    Eric is a Software Architect for Aptera Software and a Microsoft MVP for Visual Studio and Development Technologies. He works primarily in the .Net web platform but loves opportunities to try out other stacks. He has been developing high-quality custom software solutions since 2001. At Aptera, he has successfully delivered solutions for clients in a wide variety of industries. He loves to dabble in new and exciting technologies. In his spare time, he loves to tinker with Arduino projects. He fondly remembers what it was like to develop software for the Palm OS. He has an amazing wife and 5 wonderful children. He blogs at http://humbletoolsmith.com/ and you can follow him on twitter as @pottereric.

  • Evan Lancaster

    BI Software Engineer at Ingram Content Group in LaVergne, TN

    I am a high school math teacher turned programmer who has always loved the Chicago Cubs. I want to be a data scientist when I grow up, because I actually enjoy cleaning up dirty data. All these things point to an unnaturally high tolerance for pain.

  • Fahed Sider

    Software Quality Manager at SmileDirectClub

    Fahed Sider is a Software Quality Engineering Professional. He started his career as a test engineer with lean computer manufacturing in 1999. He made the transition to software agile development with scrum in 2009. Since then he is an agilest and software tester that loves to learn new concepts. Recognized throughout his career as an expert technical leader and trainer with in-depth experience in agile testing using scrum methodology. He is passionate about sharing best practices with colleagues and the tech world. When not working he enjoys backcountry exploration and outdoor adventures.

  • Faye Thompson

    Agile Coach/Scrum Master

    With more than twenty years of project delivery experience, Faye Thompson is a consultant coach and scrum master. With a focus on agile methodologies and continuous improvement, Faye has had a positive impact in the financial services, healthcare, advertising, automotive and aviation industries. Passionate about using innovative solutions to drive business value, she helps workgroups transform themselves into highly engaged and energized teams. Faye enjoys serving on the board of directors for the Central Ohio Agile Association and as President of the Women in STEMM Alumni Society of The Ohio State University. She spends her free time volunteering as an emergency medical responder and public affairs coordinator for the American Red Cross, and hanging out with her husband and two dogs.

  • Fred Frost


    Fred Frost is a data scientist at SentryOne, a maker of performance monitoring software for Microsoft SQL Server and other applications across the Microsoft Data Platform, where he is involved in creating predictive and prescriptive tools that permit users to take a proactive rather than reactive stance to system management. Fred received his master’s degree in Data Science and Business Analytics in 2016 from the University of North Carolina-Charlotte.

  • Gregory Beamer

    Think Outside the Box!

    Greg is a consummate geek who likes to live on the bleeding edge of technology. He currently gets paid to provide Enterprise Architecture consulting to clients of UST Global, an onshore/offshore solutions company. His normal duties include architectural assessments, portfolio rationalization and pre-sale engineering. His areas of concentration include SOA, microservices, DevOps, integration, monitoring and Agile development practices. Greg is also the defacto onshore Microsoft development expert in the team.

    For the past six years, Greg has focused on the common problems plaguing IT departments, focusing on solutions. Greg's primary method is to examine problems from a variety of perspective, find the common patterns and then build frameworks that can work in a wide variety of organizations. He brings this same method to speaking, using analogies, abstractions and stories to simplify intermediate and advanced concepts for beginning audiences. Greg has spoken at numerous conferences and user groups across the country and generally takes a contrarian view of the silver bullets that plague the field.

    When Greg is not on the road, he is working from his home office, or spending time with his wife, four daughters and his derpy dog. When not working, he can often be found seeking out another new craft beer, playing pub trivia or seeking out a geek boardgame night.

  • Guy Royse

    Developer Evangelist at Nexosis

    Guy works for Nexosis in Columbus, Ohio as a Developer Evangelist. Combining his decades of experience in building software with a passion for sharing what he has learned, Guy goes out into developer communities and helps others build great software.

    Guy has programmed in numerous languages over the years—many of them semicolon delimited—including C++, C#, and Java. More recently he has worked with dynamic languages like JavaScript and on mobile applications with languages like Swift.

    Teaching and community have long been a focus for Guy. He is President of the Columbus JavaScript Usergroup and has been part of the session selection committee for CodeMash for the last five years. When given an opportunity, he teaches programming at a prison in central Ohio.

    In past lives, Guy has worked as a consultant in a broad range of industries including healthcare, retail, and utilities. He spent several years as a consultant in and several more years working for a major insurance provider. This has given him a broad understanding of technology application and business problems.

    In his personal life, Guy is a hardboiled-geek interested in role-playing games, science fiction, and technology. He also has a slightly less geeky interest in history and linguistics. He lives in central Ohio with his wife and three sons. In his spare time, he helps lead his neighborhood Cub Scout Pack and likes to camp.

  • James Bender

    Freelance Web Developer

    James is an independent consultant who spends his day's building application with React, Angular, Node and ASP.NET. He has worked as a developer and architect on everything from small, single-user applications to Enterprise-scale, multi-user systems. His specialties are Web Development, JavaScript, .NET development, as well as TDD/BDD. James is an eight-year Microsoft MVP, an ASP.NET Insider and author of the book "Professional Test Driven Development with C#: Developing Real World Applications with TDD" His new book "Developing SPAs: Working with Visual Studio, Angular, React and ASP.NET Web API" will be out in 2018. James's Twitter ID is JamesBender

  • Jandee Richards

    BIAA Practice Leader and Data Enthusiast

    From her first RFID project in 2003; Jandee has been passionate about data. Where to store it, how to organize it, and how to make it earn its keep. She is the Business Intelligence and Advanced Analytics Practice Leader for DB Best, a Redmond based Consulting Company. In her spare time; she can be found hanging with her family in Memphis or participating in MOOCs.

  • Jared Faris

    Nerd but in a good way

    Jared is a Microsoft MVP and the VP of Technology and Solutions at HMB (http://www.hmbnet.com), an IT services company based out of Columbus, OH. His focus is on building great development teams through training, mentoring, and prodigious amounts of caffeine. He’s spent years building web applications with cloud and mobile experience. Jared helps organize the Stir Trek, CloudDevelop and Dog Food conferences as well as a variety of other events in and around Columbus, OH and is a frequent speaker at regional events; if he doesn't have some conference deadline he doesn't know what to do with himself. You can find out more about him at http://jaredthenerd.com or follow him @jaredthenerd.

  • Jared Rhodes

    Cloud, Mobile, IoT

    As a Microsoft MVP for Azure, I focus on IoT, Mobile, and Cloud; trying to find the subsection of those and make them work together. Lately, I have working with AI and Edge computing as the they evolve together. I enjoy public speaking, walks on the beach, and no linker errors.

  • Jason Follas

    Quicken Loans

    Jason Follas has spent the past 20 years delivering software for clients in the manufacturing, engineering, and financial services sectors. He loves the opportunity to teach as well as to learn from others, and is a frequent speaker at conferences and user groups. His career has been centered on the use of Microsoft technologies, and has been recognized as a Microsoft MVP for SQL, Visual C#, and Windows Platform. Recently, when not writing JavaScript, he has spent time working on several IoT-related projects.

  • Jeff Blankenburg

    Amazon Alexa

    Jeff Blankenburg spent the early part of his career in digital advertising, building websites for Victoria’s Secret, Abercrombie & Fitch, and Ford Motor Company, among others. He also spent 8 years at Microsoft, primarily as an evangelist for any new technology he could get his hands on. Today, he works on the Amazon Alexa team helping developers make Alexa even smarter. Jeff has also spoken at conferences all over the world, including London, Munich, Seattle, Tokyo, and New York, covering topics ranging from software development technologies to soft skill techniques. He also serves as an organizer for the Stir Trek conference.

  • Jeff Bubolz

    Agile Coach @ CUNA Mutual

    My goal is to end human suffering in organizations, as an agile coach I transform organizations through setting up an environment of continuous improvement and learning. I use authenticity and the kind truth to align organizations to be more responsive and adaptive to change. I nudge people and organizations to be the change they want to see in the world.

  • Jeff Butler

    JVM Practice Lead, DMI

    Jeff is a JVM practice leader with DMI in Indianapolis. He has been active in the enterprise Java eco-system for over 15 years. Jeff is long-time committer to the MyBatis (formerly iBatis) persistence framework and is the creator of MyBatis Generator and MyBatis Dynamic SQL.

  • Jeff Strauss

    Technical Advisor • Entrepreneur • Problem Solver

    Jeff is a software developer, an entrepreneur, and an attorney. As a consultant at WWT Asynchrony Labs, with his unique experiences that combine technology and law, he maintains a passion for solving problems with inspired solutions, improving life through technology.

    A dedicated member of the developer community, Jeff travels internationally to speak on both technical and business-oriented topics. He is a Microsoft MVP, was a lead organizer of Dev Up Conference for seven years, and now enjoys serving on the board of directors for the Kansas City Developer Conference.

  • Jeffrey Palermo


    Jeffrey Palermo is the CEO of Clear Measure, the GO TO software engineering firm for mid-market B2B companies, and one of the fastest growing small business in central TX (ABJ/Inc. 5000). Jeffrey has been recognized as a Microsoft MVP since 2006 and has spoken at national conferences such as Microsoft Ignite, Tech Ed, VS Live, and DevTeach. He has founded and run several software user groups and is the author of several print books, video books, and many articles. A graduate of Texas A&M University and the Jack Welch Management Institute, an Eagle Scout, and an Iraq war veteran, Jeffrey likes to spend time with his family of five camping and riding dirtbikes.

  • Jeremy Clark

    Developer Better

    Jeremy Clark makes developers better. By drawing on over 15 years of experience in application development, he helps developers take a step up in their skillset with a focus on making complex topics approachable regardless of skill level. He is a Microsoft MVP for .NET, and he has authored seven courses for Pluralsight, including "C# Interfaces", a course aimed at giving developers a clear understanding of abstraction. He loves speaking and has delivered over 200 technical presentations in the last 7 years in the United States and Europe. Jeremy lives in northern Washington with 2 dogs, 2 cats and a banjo.

  • Jeremy Likness

    Empowering developers to be their best.

    Jeremy is a Cloud Developer Advocate for Azure at Microsoft. Jeremy wrote his first program in 1982, was recognized in the "who's who in Quake" list for programming the first implementation of "Midnight Capture the Flag" in Quake C and has been developing enterprise applications for 20 years. For the past 20 years he has specialized in web-based delivery of line of business applications. Jeremy is the author of four technology books, an former eight-year Microsoft MVP for Developer Technologies, and speaks and writes regularly on web-based topics such as Angular and the cloud. Jeremy follows a 100% plant-based diet and spends most of his free time running, hiking and camping with his family, and playing 9-ball and one pocket.

  • Jessica Katz

    Agile Philosopher, Leadership Coach

    Jessica is an agile trainer, mentor, and coach with Eventbrite. She works with individuals, teams, and organizations to help them dig deep into self-discovery and move forward in the Agile Mindset. Jessica sees a world where all work environments can be a safe space for employees to bring their full selves without judgment allowing purpose to drive decisions at all levels

  • Jim Weaver

    aging software developer and mentor

    Jim Weaver is a principal developer and mentor at Vanderbilt University Medical Center (VUMC) and PluralSight author. Jim has decades of experience building software products in a variety of industries, with a focus on agile practices and mentoring. He is a co-inventor of MyHealthAtVanderbilt, a VUMC patient web portal. Previously at ThoughtWorks, Jim coauthored JWebUnit, an open source web testing framework. At GTE, Jim supported and trained elements of the US Army Signal Corps on network control software he helped build. He regularly works with developers and testers on testing strategies for products built in a variety of languages, and has helped train teams in Extreme Programming. Find Jim on Twitter at @tenoxtweets and on LinkedIn.

  • Jim Wooley

    The Linq Kinq

    By day, Jim Wooley is a Solution Architect for Slalom Consulting, In his free time, Jim is a frequent speaker, MVP, and author of "LINQ in Action". He is always striving to stay at the forefront of technology and enjoys the thrill of a new challenge. He has been active evangelizing LINQ since its announcement in 2005. In addition, he attempts to pass on the insights he has gained by being active in the community, including organizing and speaking at code camps and regional events, including MIX, VS Live, CodeMash, KCDC, That Conference, DevWeek, and CodeStock.

  • Joe Webb

    Partner, The SERO Group

    Joe Webb is a partner for The SERO Group, a Nashville-based SQL Server consulting and remote DBA company. He has over 22 years of industry experience and has consulted extensively with companies in the areas of database design and architecture, system tuning and performance, and technical and leadership training.

    Joe is an 8-time recipient of the prestigious Microsoft MVP Award and had authored or co-authored 4 books. He has served on the PASS Board of Directors as the Executive Vice President of Finance. In his spare time, Joe is a hobby farmer and enjoys backpacking. He is slowly making his way along the Appalachian Trail one segment at a time.

  • John Riviello

    Distinguished Engineer at Comcast

    John Riviello created his first hypertext document on the Internet in 1996 and has been obsessed with building for the web ever since. He spends his days as Distinguished Engineer and Lead Frontend Developer at Comcast, where he works on the XFINITY customer websites and web applications. He is also the author of the Lynda.com course "CSS to Sass: Converting an Existing Site." In his free time, he prefers surfing waves over surfing the Internet.

  • Jonathan Creamer

    Senior Engineer at Lonely Planet

    JavaScript and front end technologies are my passion. I also believe that you cannot ever stop learning which is why I stay active in the development community attending user groups like NashJS , and NashReact, blogging on Jonathan Creamer.com, Net Tuts, and Smashing Magazine, and scouring Twitter and the internet for as much knowledge I can squeeze into my brain. I work as a Senior Front End Developer at Lonely Planet
    and am having a great time inspiring travelers. I am also a Microsoft MVP. Please feel free to contact me, I love meeting other devs who are passionate about what they do.

  • Jonathan Mills

    JavaScript Guy

    Jon is a Pluralsight author, Microsoft MVP, and international speaker focusing on JavaScript both in the browser and on the server. Jonathan Mills is a JavaScript and Node.js expert working in the mean stack with individuals and companies to help build their technical skills to cope with the constantly changing landscape of software development.

  • Jonathan "J." Tower

    Partner & Principal Consultant, Trailhead Technology Partners

    Jonathan “J.” Tower is a Microsoft MVP, Telerik Developer Expert, and business owner with over eighteen years of software industry experience. He loves solving problems and the creative aspects of software development, as well as sharing what he’s learned and helping building the technology community. His current technology interests include .NET Core, Mobile, and JavaScript development.

    J. lives in Grand Rapids, Michigan with his wife and children, where he uses his passion for the tech community to help run a user group and several annual conferences.

  • Joseph Guadagno

    Team Leader at Quicken Loans, Organizer of Desert Code Camp, Microsoft .NET MVP

    For 20 years or so I have been in Software Development. During that time I have used many tools, languages, and technologies. I started out programming with a small book on QuickBASIC. I later moved on to Visual Basic for DOS. Windows then came along and I starting using Visual Basic for Windows, I then migrated to Visual Basic .NET and eventually ended up using Visual C#. I work as a Team Leader at Quicken Loans, based in Detroit, MI. I am a public speaker and present internationally on a lot of different technology topics, a list of them are available at https://www.josephguadagno.net/presentations/. I have been recognized as a Microsoft MVP in .NET (since 2009) and a Friends of Red Gate program (since 2015).

  • Josh Lane

    Independent Consultant and Microsoft Azure MVP

    Josh Lane is an independent consultant and Microsoft Azure MVP. He’s spent almost twenty years designing and building enterprise software for companies around the world, in industries as diverse as financial services, insurance, energy, education, and telecom. He loves the challenges that come with designing, building, and running software at scale. Away from the keyboard you'll find him riding his mountain bike, behind his drum kit, spending time outside with his wife and daughters, or drinking good beer with good friends.

  • Justin James

    Making the complex simple and easy to understand

    Justin is a Microsoft MVP, DevOps Evangelist, Web developer and Professional Speaker who loves to code, teach, and share his knowledge with others to help them grow in their careers. He specializes in making the complex simple and easy to understand.

    Justin has worked at Intel for over 20 years in various groups leading software development projects, being an Agile advocate and most recently has taken on a role as a DevOps Evangelist. Justin's new role as a DevOps Evangelist is the perfect marriage of his love of development and teaching.

    Justin frequently speaks at conferences, meetups, and community events. He has been a guest on the .NET Rocks podcast, Angular Air videocast, and Developer on Fire podcast. To hear his thoughts on software development and public speaking, follow his website at http://digitaldrummerj.me, subscribe to his YouTube channel at https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCDMvOL1XSKclxwplUT0fzLA or subscribe to his Twitch channel at https://www.twitch.tv/digitaldrummerj.

    If you see him in the hallway, come up and say hi!

  • Keith Elder

    The hardest thing about programming is typing.

    Keith Elder is the Senior Technology Evangelist at Quicken Loans, the nation’s largest online mortgage lender based in Detroit, MI. He is an experienced technologist, systems administrator, software engineer, speaker, trainer, professional storyteller, and all around geek. He has spoken throughout the United States at major technical conferences on topics ranging from various new technologies, software architectures and soft skills. For over 12 years he lead the Engineering Tools team as the Director of Software Engineering within Quicken Loans. When not sitting in front of a computer he spends the majority of his time as captain of the vessel Sea Sharp navigating the waters in the Gulf of Mexico in search of large pelagic fish.

  • Keith Wedinger

    Principal Consultant at Improving

    Keith Wedinger is a Principal Consultant with Improving. He has over 28 years experience architecting, designing, developing and delivering high quality software solutions for several companies including Abercrombie & Fitch, Diebold, IBM, Lexmark, Limited Brands, Ohio State, and Sterling Commerce. He is very passionate about architecting and developing software solutions that deliver exceptional ROI to his clients. He has presented at CodeMash, Code PaLOUsa, Columbus Code Camp, M3, Path to Agility, StirTrek, and That Conference. When not at work, he enjoys dining, traveling and craft brewery exploration with his beautiful wife Karen and spending time when he can with his twin daughters.

  • Kevin Kline

    Author of O'Reilly's "SQL in a Nutshell"

    Kevin Kline is a noted database expert and software industry veteran. A long-time Microsoft Data Platform MVP and noted community leader in the IT industry, Kevin is a founder and former president of the Professional Association for SQL Server (PASS.ORG), as well as the author of popular IT books like "SQL in a Nutshell". Kevin is a top-rated speaker at industry trade shows worldwide and has a monthly column at Database Trends magazine. He tweets at @kekline and blogs regularly. Kevin is a Principal Program Manager at SentryOne, a leading vendor of database tools.

  • Kris Sellers

    Agile Coach & Sr. Scrum Master, Fidelity Information Services (FIS)

    Kris Sellers’ seven year agile journey currently has him as a Sr. Scrum Master and Agile Coach for Fidelity Information Services (FIS) in Franklin, TN. Kris has spoken on personal accountability as a Scrum Master and Project Manager and has leveraged lessons from Hollywood to teach core agile principles, most notably from movies such as The Great Escape and The Sting. Kris holds advanced certifications from the Scrum Alliance as well as certifications in Agile Coaching and Agile Team Facilitation from IC-Agile. Kris also holds advanced communication and leadership certificates within Toastmasters International.

  • Kyle Morton

    Zombie Brain Eater

    Kyle has 18 years of experience leading agile software development in the web and mobile space. He has hands on experience meeting business objectives and business goals leading software teams. He is excited to be part of Cardinal Solutions Group and their Agile Advisory Services representing the Charlotte Market. He enjoys hiking and kayaking with his wife and puppy.

  • Kyle Welch


    Kyle Welch is a software engineer with 10+ years of experience building, leading, and consulting on a wide variety of projects. Recently, Kyle joined the Eventbrite team! Outside of work he helps organize Nodevember, a Node/JavaScript conference in Nashville. Find him on twitter, @kylewelch, where he talks about JavaScript, ReactJS, and other programming adventures.

  • Lee Brandt

    Developer Advocate, Okta

    After almost two decades writing software professionally (and a few years unprofessionally before that), Lee Brandt still continues to learn every day. He has led teams in small and large companies and always manages to keep the business needs at the forefront of software development efforts. He speaks internationally about software development, from both a technical and business perspective, and loves to teach others what he learns. Lee writes software in Objective-C, JavaScript, and C#… mostly. He is a Microsoft Most Valuable Professional in Visual Studio and Development Technologies and one of the directors of the Kansas City Developer Conference (KCDC). Lee is also a decorated Gulf War veteran, a husband, a proud pet parent and loves to play the drums whenever he gets any spare time.

  • Linda Groszyk

    ProSocial - Social Cognitive Coach

    Linda Groszyk is a social cognitive specialist who provides individualized coaching and consultation services for people to improve their social communication, emotional intelligence, and executive functioning skills for professional, personal, and social growth.

    Developing her expertise over the past 17 years as a speech-language pathologist and social cognitive specialist, Linda has worked in the public education setting, in private practice, and most recently at the internationally renowned Social Thinking clinic in San Jose, California.

    Linda integrates frameworks and strategies rooted in social learning, cognitive behavioral therapy and executive functioning management to help people increase their self-awareness, navigate the social world, and improve their organizational thinking. She recognizes that successful and lasting behavior change is not an easy task. Therefore, building relationships and working in partnership with her clients are paramount to her coaching process.

    Given her speech-language pathology background, Linda also provides accent modification services for professionals seeking to increase their speech intelligibility and communication confidence when speaking Standard American English.

    Linda graduated magna cum laude from Boston College with a Bachelor of Arts in Human Development, and she earned her Master of Science degree in Communication Disorders at Pennsylvania State University in 2000. She currently resides in San Francisco, CA and frequents the east coast to spend time with friends and family.

  • Linda Rising

    Speaker, author, consultant

    Linda Rising is an independent consultant who lives in Nashville, Tennessee. She has authored four books and numerous articles and is an internationally known presenter on topics related to patterns, retrospectives, influence strategies, agile development, and the change process.

    With a Ph.D. from Arizona State University in the field of object-based design metrics, Linda's background includes university teaching and software development in a number of different domains.

  • Louis Davidson

    Database design writer, speaker, and doer.

    Louis has been in the IT industry for over 20 years as a corporate database developer and data architect. Currently he is the Data Architect for CBN in Virginia Beach and has been a Microsoft MVP since 2004. He is the author of a series of SQL Server Database Design books, most recently Pro SQL Server Relational Database Design and Implementation with Apress.

  • Lyndsey Padget

    Founder & Software Engineer at Longplay Software

    Lyndsey Padget is the founder of Longplay Software in Kansas City. As a full stack developer with over 14 years of software and web development experience at both mega-corporations and startups, she enjoys sharing in-depth knowledge on topics such as microservices & REST, git & release management, MEAN stack development, test-driven development, agile & kanban, healthy teams & individuals, public speaking, and more. Lyndsey is involved in local organizations that encourage women, young and old, to explore careers in math and science. She believes that the difference between a decent software engineer and a great one often has little to do with code.

  • Lynn Wolfgram

    Centare - Scrum Master

    For the past seven years, Lynn Wolfgram has worked on Agile Teams and has held the roles of Scrum Master and Quality Engineer. Lynn has had the privilege of working with a diverse group of companies from Fortune 500 to small startups and a wide range of industries. Lynn is passionate about being a change agent and encouraging agile principles that allow teams to flourish, learn and grow. As a manager, Lynn also enjoys mentoring and helping individuals achieve their goals and enable their growth. In her spare time, she loves playing and following tennis along with traveling.

  • Mark Bradley

    Agile Coach

    Mark is an Agile Coach and Scrum Master for Cardinal Solutions in Columbus, Ohio, where he works with teams who are new to Scrum and the agile mindset. Mark always promotes self-organizing teams by creating a positive and fun culture, while challenging the people he works with to experiment with agile values. Mark loves it when he sees teams have a "Eureka" moment where experimentation becomes realization. A fanboy of continuous improvement, the teams Mark works with consistently improve themselves, and serve as a model for agile minded folk everywhere.

  • Mark Cruth

    Agile Advocate and Organizational Maverick

    Mark Cruth is an Agile Coach, Scrum Master, Product Owner, and catalyst for change in organizations. Since being introduced to Agile in 2009, Mark has made it his mission to inject the values and principles of Agile into everything he does. He has worked to bring about Agile Transformation for teams across multiple industries, including large manufacturers (Boeing), retailers (Nordstrom), big data (Nielsen), and FinTech (TD Ameritrade). Today Mark works as an Agile Coach for Quicken Loans, as well as operates his own Coaching, Consulting, and Training company called Teal Mavericks, LLC, which is focused on organizational evolution.

  • Matthew Groves

    Microsoft MVP, Couchbase Developer Advocate

    Matthew D. Groves is a guy who loves to code. It doesn't matter if it's C#, jQuery, or PHP: he'll submit pull requests for anything. He has been coding professionally ever since he wrote a QuickBASIC point-of-sale app for his parent's pizza shop back in the 90s. He currently works as a Developer Advocate for Couchbase. His free time is spent with his family, watching the Reds, and getting involved in the developer community. He is the author of AOP in .NET (published by Manning), and is also a Microsoft MVP.

  • Matthew Renze

    Data Science Consultant

    Matthew Renze is a data science consultant, author, and public speaker. Over the past 18 years, he has taught over 100,000 developers and IT professionals how to make better decisions with data science. His clients include small software start-ups to Fortune 100 companies across the globe.

    He’s a Microsoft MVP, an ASPInsider, an author for Pluralsight, an author for DataCamp, and an open-source software contributor. His focus includes data science, machine learning, and artificial intelligence.

  • Michael Dowden

    Entrepreneur. Coder. Gamer. Geek.

    Michael Dowden is the Co Founder of startup incubator Andromeda, Product Architect for FlexePark, and President of M2D2 Enterprises. Since 1992 he has provided a full range of full-stack technology and consulting services to more than 60 companies ranging from startups to the Fortune 100.

    As a software developer and architect Michael focuses on the K.I.S.S. principle, keeping systems as simple as possible (but no simpler). Michael is passionate about lightweight frameworks in both both Java and JavaScript ecosystems, often pointing out that Java is to JavaScript as Car is to Carrot. As an MBA he focuses on solutions that provide true business value and always works to improve collaboration and communication between teams.

    Since 1997 Michael has been active in helping other developers grow in their career, as a teaching assistant, user group organizer, and instructor for both Eleven Fifty Academy and Propel Up. Michael is currently developing a Java cryptography course for Pluralsight. His book Programming Languages ABC++ has sold more than 20,000 copies and has made its way into elementary schools across Indiana. Michael also speaks at tech conferences including Code PaLOUsa, Indiana IT Symposium, Indy.Code(), KCDC, and Dev Up.

  • Michael Wallace

    Agile Coach

    Michael started his career as a developer, and has been a project manager, business analyst, development manager and director for organizations ranging in size from small startups to multi-national corporations.

    His first exposure to Agile was in 1999 when he came across the website for Extreme Programming (XP). As a fairly new manager he was struggling with teams that just didn’t seem to be able to get the job done. After implementing just a few of the practices in XP his projects started getting back on track, and his customers were much happier with their progress. He was forever sold on the value of Agile over Waterfall for software development and never looked back.

  • Mike Amundsen

    Lead API Architect, API Academy

    An internationally known author and speaker, Mike Amundsen travels the world consulting and talking about network architecture, Web development, and other subjects. As Director of Architecture for the API Academy, he works with companies to provide insight on how best to capitalize on the opportunities APIs present to both consumers and the enterprise.

    Amundsen has authored numerous books and papers. His 2013 collaboration with Leonard Richardson "RESTful Web APIs" and his 2011 book, “Building Hypermedia APIs with HTML5 and Node”, are common references for building adaptable Web applications. He co-authored "Microservice Architecture" (June 2016) and his latest book, "RESTful Web Clients", was published by O'Reilly in February 2017.

  • Mike Clement

    Founding Software Craftsman at Greater Sum

    A husband, father of four, and currently the Founding Software Craftsman of Greater Sum, Mike Clement believes we work best when we are working together and that there are no best practices—only better and worse ones depending on the context. Passionate about raising the bar of technical excellence in the software development community, Mike is a founder and organizer of Software Craftsmanship Atlanta, a founding member of the Utah Software Craftsmanship group and a former organizer of the Agile Roots conference. He has worked at several companies including Pluralsight, Ancestry.com, Microsoft, and Caselle. Find out more about Mike on his blog (http://blog.softwareontheside.com/) and on Twitter at @mdclement.

  • Nathan Loding

    Husband, father, developer, hacker ... nerd.

    I'm a nerd, I've always been a geek, dork, or nerd, and probably will always be. I love solving problems and technology is the best way to do that. I work professionally as an Application Development Consultant for OST, in Grand Rapids, MI. I am the co-founder and lead developer on CareCircle, a new patient-centered healthcare product from OST. On the side I'm a husband, father, roboticist, and outdoorsman (hiking, camping, canoeing/kayaking). I enjoy woodworking and build my own canoes and kayaks. I hate chores and cleaning up after myself.

  • Ondrej Balas

    Infusing business with modern technology

    Ondrej is the owner of UseTech Design, a Michigan-based development company that focuses primarily on .NET and other Microsoft technologies. Ondrej is also a Microsoft MVP in Visual Studio and Development Technologies, a writer for Visual Studio Magazine, and is very active in the Michigan software development community. Ondrej works across many industries including finance, healthcare, manufacturing, and logistics. Areas of expertise include similarity and matching across large data sets, algorithm design, distributed architecture, and software development practices.

  • Pashmeen Mistry

    Product Management Leader

    Note:: I will refine this as my speaking session gets selected :-) Also, I will change my speaker photo as well.

    Entrepreneurial, creative, results-oriented, strategic and hands-on enthusiast.
    I strive to develop innovative products that create value and formulate a strategy that effectively captures the value created with the goal to provide delightful customer experiences.

    • Product Strategy, Definition, Management, Marketing and Lifecycle management.
    • Taking ideas from concept to launch
    • Go-to-market strategies
    • Product Positioning & Marketing
    • Enterprise Business Models
    • Competitive Analysis
    • Business Development
    • Sales Enablement (Collateral, Playbook, Tools)
    • Channel and Partner Enablement and on-going management
    • Evangelizing company, business and products
    • Working in high energy, fast-paced environments while wearing multiple hats
    • Building strong, productive and collaborative teams
    • Seasoned Speaker at various Conferences & Summits
    • Domain expertise in networking, cloud, collaboration, video, mobile, and web technologies.

  • Patrick Seda

    Increasing the Quality of the Universe

    Patrick is a Director of web and mobile software based in Atlanta. With 30 years of professional experience, he orchestrates and implements successful initiatives ranging from Big Enterprise to children’s educational games. Along with his focus of delivering bullet-proof, awesomely kickass solutions, he educates the development community via meetups, podcasts, and conferences.

  • Paul Gower

    CTO, Speaker, Kanban Practitioner

    Paul started his career as a software developer in 2001 developing client/server enterprise solutions. An innovative problem solver, Paul uses in-depth analysis, deep consultation and the latest software development practices to serve his clients. In 2014 Paul started his company Lunamark (http://lumamark.com), where he leverages his years of experience to help companies improve their software development team's efficiency using techniques such as clean coding practices, code reviews, pair programming, and kanban. In 2016 Paul became a certified Kanban Management Professional and Certified ScrumMaster. He is constantly learning new ways to improve flow efficiency and make software development projects more successful.

  • Paul Sheriff

    Real-World Techniques Explained Simply

    Paul has over thirty years of experience architecting information systems and his expertise is in much demand from Fortune 500 companies. Paul is a top-notch instructor, a pluralsight author, has published 200+ articles, and authored over 14 books on topics ranging from C#, SQL Server and many .NET technologies. Paul has 12 courses in the www.pluralsight.com library on topics ranging from Angular, MVC, WPF, XML, jQuery and Bootstrap. Paul speaks at many different conferences and user groups around the world.

  • Phil Japikse

    Developer, coach, author, teacher

    An international speaker, Microsoft MVP, ASPInsider, MCSD, CSM, and CSP, and a passionate member of the developer community, Phil Japikse has been working with .NET since the first betas, developing software for over 30 years, and heavily involved in the agile community since 2005. Phil is co-author of best selling "C# and the .NET 4.6 Framework" (http://bit.ly/pro_csharp), the Lead Director for the Cincinnati .NET User’s Group (http://www.cinnug.org) and the Cincinnati Software Architect Group, co-hosts the Hallway Conversations podcast (http://www.hallwayconversations.com), founded the Cincinnati Day of Agile (http://www.dayofagile.org), and volunteers for the National Ski Patrol. Phil is also a published author with LinkedIn Learning (https://www.lynda.com/Phil-Japikse/7908546-1.html). During the day, Phil works as an Enterprise Consultant and Agile Coach for large to medium firms throughout the US. Phil enjoys to learn new tech and is always striving to improve his craft. You can follow Phil on twitter via http://www.twitter.com/skimedic and read his blog at http://www.skimedic.com/blog.

  • Prateek Singh

    Principal Agile Coach

    Prateek Singh has been leading and working on agile teams for the 10+ years. Starting with XP, then Scrum and now working in a Kanban system, Prateek has gained a breadth and depth of knowledge regarding agile techniques, practices and implementation principles. Prateek is currently a Process Improvement Principal at Ultimate Software conducting training and coaching for teams regarding Kanban and Lean principles. Prateek has played the role of Software Engineer, Scrum Master and Manager of Software Engineering in his career. Prateek is currently a Principal Agile Coach at Ultimate Software.

  • Rob Richardson


    Rob Richardson is a software craftsman building web properties in ASP.NET and Node, Angular and React. He’s a Microsoft MVP, published author, frequent speaker at conferences, user groups, and community events, and a diligent teacher and student of high quality software development. You can find this and other talks on his blog at https://robrich.org/presentations and follow him on twitter at @rob_rich.

  • Robert Cain

    Arcane Training and Consulting, Owner

    Robert C. Cain (http://arcanecode.me) is a Microsoft MVP, MCTS Certified in BI, and is the owner of Arcane Training and Consulting, LLC. He is also a course author for Pluralsight, an author for Red Gate's Simple Talk site, and co-author of 5 books.

    A popular speaker, Robert has presented at events such as the SQL PASS Summit, IT/Dev Connections, TechEd, CodeStock, and numerous SQL Saturdays. Robert has over 25 years’ experience in the IT industry, working in a variety of fields including manufacturing, insurance, telecommunications and nuclear power.

  • Robert Pieper

    Responsive Advisors - CEO

    Robb Pieper, Founder and CEO of Responsive advisors in Chicago, IL USA, has taught and coached thousands of people on agile frameworks and methodologies. He’s worked at all levels from the team to the C-Suite as a champion of modern management, nimble thinking, and the benefits of business agility.

    Robb’s developed a strong ability to communicate difficult-to-grasp ideas in his long career in software development and client facing roles. He’s a charismatic public speaker inspiring business leaders and knowledge workers with new ideas to improve. He specializes in executive and management training/coaching, but also passionate about building solid relationships and teams, keeping first things first, and mistake-proofing.

    Industry experience applying agility includes:
    ​Industrial Automation, Web development, Financial Services, Insurance, Print, Big Data, Business Intelligence, Data warehousing, hardware/software products

  • Santosh Hari

    Dir of Tech, Konacom +

    Santosh Hari is a Microsoft Azure MVP. He is a frequent speaker at meetups and Codecamps. His day job is at Konacom, a wireless startup, where as Director of Software, he leverages his software skills to help provide high quality, affordable wireless broadband to the developing world. He also runs a software consulting company, Sand Dollar Technology, with his wife. Santosh also volunteers for Orlando .NET User Group as Director of Tech and co-organizer of Orlando Codecamp.

  • Sarah Sexton

    Microsoft Technical Evangelist

    Sarah Sexton is a Technical Evangelist at Microsoft, where she educates developers worldwide on Microsoft’s new technologies. Her responsibilities at Microsoft include public speaking, software engineering, blogging and tweeting about cool services, and interacting with communities in the Midwest. She helps developers find success on Microsoft platforms through meetups, conferences, and workshops. Sarah is also a co-founder of the Voxelles: Chicago’s Women in Game Development, a group committed to highlighting strengths and seeing more women and minorities get involved in game development. Sarah’s current technical focus areas include Artificial Intelligence, Game Development, Mobile App Development, and Web Development.

  • Sarah Withee

    Polyglot software engineer at Arcadia.io

    Sarah Withee is a polyglot software engineer, public speaker, teacher and mentor, and hardware and robot tinkerer located in Pittsburgh, PA. She has a passion for technology, and has ever since she wrote her first computer programs in elementary school. She captivates audiences with both popular and powerful technical and anecdotal talks. She gives workshops to teach programming and hardware building to women in tech, as well as to students of all ages. She's mentored middle and high school robotics teams to world championships. She's even helped organize four conferences, been on a Google Year in Search video, and started the viral hashtag #SpeakerConfessions.

    She passionately tries to connect with people and communities, both online and offline, and encourage and support new people going in tech. She even started a podcast to try to help boost underrepresented groups in tech.

  • Sarala Pandey

    Huntington National Bank

    Sarala Pandey is presently serving as the Quality Assurance Manager for Huntington National Bank. She is responsible for managing resource, creating and maintaining QA standards and process for the entire Digital Channel team. Sarala is accountable for all QA personnel and project delivery for Retail Online (ROL), Business Online (BOL), Online Account Opening (OAO), Mobile Applications, and Huntington.com. She drives all QA phases of the Agile development process and responsible for quarterly delivery of all Digital applications to production. In addition, Sarala has enhanced organizational efficiency & efficacy by piloting test automation, exploratory testing, and the continuing education program. Sarala began her career in QA with an internship at Online Computer Library Center (OCLC). Over the course of 20 years, she has served as a QA Analyst, QA Lead, Off-shore Liaison, and finally as a QA Manager. She is responsible for delivering industry-wide SDLC standards to AT&T/IBM, SypherLink and Huntington National Bank.

  • Scott Hanselman


    Scott is a web developer who has been blogging at https://hanselman.com for over a decade. He works in Open Source on ASP.NET and the Azure Cloud for Microsoft out of his home office in Portland, Oregon. Scott has three podcasts, http://hanselminutes.com for tech talk, http://thisdeveloperslife.com on developers' lives and loves, and http://ratchetandthegeek.com for pop culture and tech media. He's written a number of books and spoken in person to almost a half million developers worldwide.

  • Scott Hawley

    Associate Professor of Physics at Belmont University, and Founder of ASPIRE Research Co-op

    Dr. Scott Hawley is a computational physicist who, after several years as a postdoctoral researcher in the High Performance Computing community modeling black hole collisions, came to Nashville in 2006 to teach and play music on the side. His primary role of physics professor to Audio Engineering students led him to develop interactive web and mobile apps for illustrating electronics concepts and measuring acoustical phenomena. His recent iOS app, "Polar Pattern Plotter" was featured as the cover image for The Physics Teacher. In 2014, while speaking at the Audio Engineering Society conference in New York, he met the CTO of Accusonus, one of the first A.I.-audio-plugin companies. Such was the beginning of catching the "machine learning bug," which led him to oversee multiple machine learning projects at the intersection of physics, music and signal processing. Dr. Hawley has been a finalist for the Les Paul Music Innovation Award, a two-time finalist for international AIGrant.org competitions, an invited speaker at DevFest Nashville and the Circuit Benders Ball, and a regular contributor to the Nashville Music Programmers meetup. He has served as President of the Music City Chapter of the Acoustical Society of America, a post he stepped down from in 2017 to found the community organization ASPIRE Research Co-op - "A loose collective of scientists, engineers, artists and developers who collaborate in bringing their innovative audio & acoustics ideas to life." Fork his Python and Swift codes from https://github.com/drscotthawley.

  • Shawn Wildermuth

    Microsoft MVP, Speaker and Pluralsight Author

    Shawn Wildermuth has been tinkering with computers and software since he got a Vic-20 back in the early ‘80s. As a Microsoft MVP since 2003, he’s also involved with Microsoft as an ASP.NET Insider and ClientDev Insider. You may have taken one of his more than twenty courses on Pluralsight (http://shawnw.me/psauthor) including his latest: “Implementing and Securing an API with ASP.NET Core”. He’s authored eight books and innumerable articles on software development. You can also see him at one of the local and international conferences he’s spoken at including TechEd, Oredev, SDC, NDC, VSLive, DevIntersection, MIX, Devteach, DevConnections and Dev Reach. He is one of the Wilder Minds. You can reach him at his blog at http://wildermuth.com.

  • Sonia Mundra

    President, Chenega ABS

    Ms. Sonia Mundra is the President of Chenega Analytic Business Solutions (Chenega ABS), an Alaska Native Corporation (ANC) and Small Disadvantaged Business (SDB). Ms. Mundra helps federal agencies implement cradle-to-grave information solutions, to include: legacy records management and storage, digitization, data migration, cloud storage and security, visualization, analytics, and implementation of blockchain technologies.

    Ms. Mundra served in various operational and financial roles within Chenega Corporation. In this capacity, she managed 27 federal government contracts and 350 employees (CONUS and OCONUS), in five different business verticals. She specializes in alpha contracting acquisitions and structuring of federal deals, to create win-win results for Chenega’s customers and employees. Ms. Mundra is a licensed Certified Public Accountant (CPA), Project Management Professional (PMP) and a certified Government Blockchain Consultant.

  • Steve Jones

    The Voice of the DBA

    Steve Jones has been working with databases and computers for over two decades. He has worked with SQL Server since 1991, from v4.2 through SQL Server 2016. He has been a DBA, developer, and manager in a variety of large and small companies across multiple industries. In 2001 Steve founded SQLServerCentral with two partners and has been publishing technical articles and facilitating discussions among SQL Server professionals ever since. He currently is the full time editor of SQLServerCentral, as well as an evangelist for Redgate Software. Steve is a 10 year Microsoft Data Platform MVP and lives on a horse ranch in Colorado.

  • Steven Hicks

    Senior JavaScript Engineer

    Steven Hicks is a full-stack web developer with nearly 20 years experience. He believes in clean, readable, and maintainable code. Steve likes to use the right tool for the job, especially if the right tool is JavaScript. He strongly believes that if you ain't falling, you ain't learning.

    Steve embraces continuous improvement and believes that a developer's job is to solve problems, not just write code.

    When he isn't talking to the duck or playing with his kids, you can find Steve at a triathlon, on his mountain bike, or in a climbing gym.

  • Sydney Johnson

    Cardinal Solutions, Senior Consultant

    Sydney has a wide range of experience as a Product Owner (PSM I, PSPO), Project Manager, and Business Analyst with Cardinal Solutions’ Cincinnati office.  Her passion is collaborating with clients and developers to create innovative solutions with a relentless commitment to delivering value.  A prolific presenter, Sydney’s excitement around agile practices has led her to explore the benefits and value to be gained from Scrum and Kanban.

  • Tammy Gretz

    Tammy G Makes Shi(f)t Happen

    She has been influencing change through servant leadership, elbow grease, and hazelnut lattes for over 20 years. She is a massive maker and the majority of her education comes from the relentless pursuit of understanding team dynamics and reflection.

    Tammy has sprinted with engineering, non-profit, legal and IT  industries and most recently the mastermind altMBA program designed by thought leader guru Seth Godin.

    She thrives on crunching around in problems to expose the soft-spots and then creating a place for experiments to untie the knots.
    Let's go see if we can change the world.

  • Tammy Lawlor

    Creative, curious, & passionate about building products people love

    Tammy Lawlor is a Product Consultant & Team Lead at Cardinal Solutions Group. She is passionate about creating meaningful digital product solutions for clients and loves the challenge of solving customer problems. Tammy is also a certified Product Owner and Scrum Master Professional. Outside of work, you can find her planning her next travel adventure, or deep in a book or conversation.

  • Taylor Desseyn

    Manager of Recruiting at Vaco

    Taylor graduated from the Darla Moore School of Business at the University of South Carolina in 2011 and immediately jumped into the world of recruiting. He started his career at Vaco in 2011 where he has recruited for clients such as Disney, Pacific Gas & Electric, Yahoo!, and Sony. After achieving top producer for 2013 out of a team of six, Taylor was recognized by Vaco and was brought to Raleigh to be instrumental in the building of the Technology division. During his time in Raleigh Taylor helped to scale the team from three to seven and focused on recruiting in all things technology, where he ultimately found his niche within development and TriNug (Raleigh .NET User Group). In June 2014 Taylor was asked to return to the Nashville office to help build out the technology team. Since his return, Taylor has been elected VP of the .NET User Group in Nashville for the last two years. He focuses 100% of his time within the development vertical in technology. As of 2017 Taylor is the Recruiting Manager of Vaco’s Nashville Technology division that is responsible for grossing $4.5 million a year in revenue and ranking in the top of over 30+ Vaco Technology offices. From his time at Vaco he has seen the team double in size from seven to seventeen and has spoken at multiple conferences ranging from Nashville's very own Music City Code, the Raleigh Code Conference, to Vaco’s National Engage the World Conference and continues to be heavily involved within both the local and national tech community.

  • Thomas Haver

    Huntington National Bank

    Thomas Haver is presently serving as a Senior Application Architect at Huntington National Bank. He is responsible for the conversion from manual testing to Ruby/Cucumber automation for the entire enterprise. Originally accountable for the development and maintenance of automation frameworks for Digital Channels, he now leads the automation effort for 63 applications across Huntington that encompass testing, metrics & reporting, data, and environment. Thomas is a scientist turned baker turned technology professional. He started as a research scientist in fluorescence microscopy & spectroscopy, and has worked at three different R1 research institutes. He has worked as a tester, a developer, a requirements analyst, and finally an application architect. On the weekends, he makes baked goods for a local bakery and hosts gaming events for his non-profit. His passion for reducing the cost of quality through automation and continuous improvement leads him to explore new areas of technology and business management.

  • Tom Cudd

    Systems Architect, VML

    As an advocate for DevOps within my organization, I’ve helped bring about a positive change in the way Development and Operations teams work together at VML. We’ve created homogeneous automation in an technical environment driven by the needs of each individual client on a different stack. We support application delivery and site reliability efforts for clients across the globe.

  • Troyer Zane Anthony

    Pilot Flying J

    Zane is currently a data scientist at Pilot Flying J. He likes books and stuff. And he also lives in Knoxville. And fragmented sentences.

  • Vicki Riehl

  • Wanda L. Scott

    Empowering a Great YOU!

    Wanda L. Scott believes that the greatest statement we can make is to love one another. As an accomplished Author with multiple books, her desire is to tell stories of what is possible when we search deep within by the power of God to be GREATER! She models how to maximize laughter, love and valuing each person we are in relationship with to bring richness to our lives. As you listen to Wanda speak or read one of her books, you can hear her heart for people as she uses the real-ness of life, with a splash of laughter and a huge dose of hope to reach you where you are. You will look at relationship in a whole new way once you experience this seasoned educator creatively weave together knowledge to energize and challenge her audience. Whether Wanda is at a conference speaking to thousands, teaching bible study, or leading a group to feed the homeless in her community, Wanda loves as she leads.
    Wanda holds a B.S. in Computer Science from Hampton University. She holds a Graduate Certificate in the area of Leadership Development for Minority Managers and Leadership in Technology Integration. In addition to that Wanda also has her Masters of Education all from Johns Hopkins University.
    Throughout Wanda’s career she experienced constant growth, forward movement and change. Previous positions in corporate America have sharpened her Leadership, Customer Relations and Training skills. She has worked with customers in the area of Technology and Account Management in large corporations, such as Bridgestone and Microsoft to government agencies such as the IRS and U.S. Department of State.
    Then Wanda knew it was time for a change, even though everyone thought she was crazy to walk away from such a demanding, successful and lucrative career at Microsoft. So Wanda leveraged her previous experiences and took them into the college classroom as an Assistant Professor in Computer Networking. Her passion for education demanded excellence in her classrooms setting a standard for curriculum that pushed past just computer networking knowledge, to demonstration of communication and collaboration skills needed to be successful in corporate America. During this 2nd phase of her career, Wanda also recognized the need to mentor, encourage and champion the call for Women in IT; organizing student groups at her college and speaking at Technology conferences on resilience and diversity. This exposure along with the growing number of published books propelled Wanda out into full-time entrepreneurship. Once again Wanda redefined herself walking away from the comfortable to pursue “greater”.
    Now Wanda travels, empowering, educating and encouraging others with practical experience on how to communicate, lead, transition and redefine YOU. She is active in the greater Nashville area as well, using her passion for higher education within community organizations providing College Preparation courses spanning from Digital Literacy to Study Skills, and developing curriculum to train High School students in Tech Camps. She also uses the skills she has developed to do training for corporations like Nissan.
    Wanda knows how to reach an audience and can coach others with vigor preparing them to realize the dreams and plans God has placed in their hearts. Wanda L. Scott knows how to educate and will captivate you with her dynamic and down to earth delivery.
    Wanda L. Scott is the author of 4 published books. She is working on two more books highlighting notes from the field, Developing Resilience in the Tech space and Re-defining Yourself. Wanda owns WLS Enterprises, and is a native of Nashville, TN. For more information on Wanda L. Scott, visit www.WandaLScott.com

  • Wendy Jacobs

    AEP Business Agility Coach

    Wendy Jacobs, JD, is a Business Agility Coach specializing in Product Ownership at AEP. She has over 18 years of product development experience, specifically in Product Management. Her current focus is on coaching all levels of Product Owners and Management on how to maximize the business value delivered. Wendy is passionate about mentoring others in Agility, Product Ownership and Product Management as well as delivering training courses, and presenting at conferences and meetups.

  • William Gant

    Making better developers through more intelligently applied coding.

    Will is a long-time software developer who fell in love with coding in the early 90s and has been doing it ever since. He is one of the co-hosts of the Complete Developer Podcast, one of the organizers of Developer Launchpad, a frequent speaker at local coding schools, and has appeared on a number of tech podcasts.

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